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Stacey B
~ San Diego, CA
[5 Stars] 
"A&A was super knowledgeable and had lots of insight..." 
We hired A&A for a mold inspection clearance report after we already had mold remediation done on our house. We had the builder's inspection company out the day before and so I was able to compare procedures and knowledge.

Chad with A&A was super knowledgeable and had lots of insight on how the mold remediation was handled. He also was much more thorough in his sample taking than the other company. His report came with lots of good advice and he also spent considerable time with me explaining the lab values and what that means for our home in terms of mold levels.

Additionally, I spoke directly to the lab company he uses and they also made an unsolicited compliment about A&A and said they do great work. Highly recommend. 
Michelle G
~ Los Angeles, CA
[5 Stars] 
"I highly recommend A&A!!!" 
I found A&A through Yelp and I was not disappointed. I'm located in Los Angeles and my mother has been sick for over a year in Escondido and we wanted to rule out mold as an issue. 

I was not able to be there for the inspection but my mom was and I joined via telephone. The inspector that came to her home was named Leah and she was so nice and answered any questions I had. Scott allowed me to pay with my card over the phone through Square and I even got an emailed receipt and an emailed report. 

They didn't find any mold so that's great news for us. The report only took two days to receive which is pretty quick. I highly recommend A&A!!!
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