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Certified Restoration 
[5 Stars out of 50 reviews] 
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Rick W.
~ San Diego, CA
[5  Stars] 
"Not every company is going to tell you the truth and forgo business..." 
 I rarely leave 5 star ratings. We were in escrow to sell our house when a once in a decade storm hit last week. Water dripping from our ceiling. We opened up the ceiling everything was wet, and there was some black stuff on the wood beams.  
Louis from Certified came out at the crack of dawn to take a look. He knew we were in a bind and could have taken advantage of the situation. Most restoration companies would have squeezed us. Louis was honest and told us it wasn't mold.  
I am recommending them to any and every person who ever had flooding damage or mold issues. Most companies can probably do the work competently. Not every company is going to tell you the truth and forgo business. Kudos to Louis and the team at Certified Restoration! 
Roy V.
~ Chula Vista, CA
[5 Stars] 
"They were professional, courteous, on time and thorough." 
These guys came through for me just like they said they would.  I told them I would give them my business but I wanted the red carpet treatment and that is exactly what I received! 

After my kitchen was flooded my insurance company gave me the names of 2 companies that they normally recommend. There was  no way was I just going to give my business to vendors that are just used to having it freely handed to them.  I am glad that I did things differently and went with this company which I found online and read their reviews.  

They were professional, courteous, on time, and thorough.  I would definitely use them again.  Pricing was typical market rate so no issues there. 
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