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OMG has a white hot ❄️🔥 fresh 🌞🤑 $10-$30 raw earnings per opt-in funnel, with energy and value for your list!
1. We've got an incredible 7-day news-based event. Every day, starting  has a preview or a reveal, leading up to the event finale, March 10th at Midnight Eastern.

The foundation is our proven "Elephant in the Room Webinar of the Century", our White Paper, and epic 110-page ebook, that is set to pop for our affiliate partners! Conversions have been through the roof. 

(Remember adding your own bonus can sometimes double sales, or more!)

2. The Elephant in the Room Webinar of the Century, May 1, at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific, 1  AM in London) and the event wraps up Sunday May 5th at midnight Eastern (9 PM Pacific, 5 AM in London). 

This webinar is about the incredible Return on Investment of Google SEO.

NEW TO PROMOTING OMG? Tai Lopez, Alex Becker, Bob Proctor, Luke Maguire, Anthony Morrison, Adrian Morrison, Chris Record, Jason Fladlien, and Wyatt Jozwowski have all done over a million dollars in OMG sales - we want you to join us next! Overall we've collected over $45,000,000 and paid affiliates out 8-figures

It's a 40% commission, paid each month, at the beginning of the month, on what we' from your customers the previous month, with no reserve - so we're paying a $2000 commission on a completed payment plan, tops in the affiliate marketing world! (If you did $50,000 in December, then we'll be paying you $20,000 at the first of January - and so on.)

Promoting typically consists of sending out several emails - once per day ideally between the 3rd or 4th of March - and when we close cart on the March 10th. Affiliates have also had a lot of success by adding social media like Facebook group posts, or Instagram and Snapchat stories!

To give you an idea of what OMG Week typically looks like, here's the overall stats from our Dec 24 to Dec 30 2018 OMG promo looked like. Here's the traffic - around 8000 uniques to the funnel, with about a 50% opt in rate:
You'll also note the leads coming in are very active! And visiting the whole site a ton, and especially coming back again and again to the home page - which is on purpose - you'll see below that home page of has fresh new exciting content every single day of OMG Week!

We got over 3000 registered for the Wednesday December 26th webinar, with almost 800 attending live:
Overall, for the whole week, we did around $400,000 in gross sales, almost all are spread out over 12-payments, and as you can see, by far the biggest spike in orders came in the last 24-hours:
Here is a more recent example, with an OMG Week that closed out March 10th:
This is all on purpose as we put little focus on fast sales, since fast sales lead to buyers remorse...and anyways $400,000 in 1-week is plenty fast as far as I'm concerned! 

But since we pressure people less and they spend a whole week getting to know us, and seeing us follow through again and again, we tend to get really great people in, who stick to their guns and make their payments - and have TREMENDOUS success!

We find that affiliates tend to get about $10 commissions per opt-in paid out - and that number can climb as high as $20 or even $30 with a bonus.

Overall, so far, we've done 1.3 million in our OMG 2019 product line!

You can see the incredible success of our members on display at our underground Instagram: @PoweredByOMG - Click here to see 1000+ incredible earnings reports!
Here's the funnel for OMG Week 2019:
Monday April 29 - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Monday is about: Introducing Wednesday's 8PM Eastern Elephant in the Room Webinar of the Century, and meeting incredible Veronica!

You'll start registering your subscribers and followers for our incredible Wednesday 8 PM Eastern OMG Webinar of the Century.

Wednesday's 8 PM Eastern ( 5 PM Pacific, 1 AM London) Here's the webinar. 

And you'll introduce them to single mom Veronica, who's an against-all-odds success story - one of many, many in OMG!
Tuesday April 30 - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Tuesday is about 12-page DMA White Paper.

Here is your 12-page white paper full rundown, which we give to your following today!

Wednesday May 1  - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Wednesday is about: The Elephant in the Room Webinar of the Century

Led by David Mills - the 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific, 1 AM London) the State of Digital Marketing 2019 webinar is going to be a barn burner! 

Here's an example of the last time we had a big OMG webinar leading to millions in sales: Our previous blockbuster webinar.

Today's new preview is a video of me in front of an Gulfstream Jet and you're going to love it.
Thursday May 2 - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Thursday is about: Webinar Replay, Jayme beats breast cancer, gets up to $80,000/mo!

Incredible inspiring and informative success story!

Plus we introduce Jake Tanner, who was 23, working as an assistant, and living in his parents attic when he joined OMG. Last year Jake hit the prestigious Inc Magazine 5000 list of fastest growing companies at #52!

We also release the first part of the 3-part transcript series from the Elephant in the Room webinar!

Friday May 3 - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Friday is about: Nickey, 23, Serbia, $200/mo to $17,000/mo.

Nickey joined OMG through Tai Lopez. When he first saw us in 2016 through Tai he was penniless. He used what he learned in our free training to get up to $200/month, which he saved up, and then joined us when we re-opened in 2017. Now, by replicating Greg's OMG Machines websites he's making $17,000 per month!

Here's your interview with Nickey.
Saturday May 4 - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Saturday is about: What's here in DMA 2019, and what's to come!

David Mills leads a fantastic Final Video presentation before we wrap up OMG Week! This video is timed to give people a chance to watch it, just as they are making final decisions!
Sunday May 5 - Email this and/or use it for Social Media:

Here's what Sunday is about: Bonus close out + Chat!

Sunday is always the biggest sales day for your 7-day promotion. Plus the way you are doing it sets you up to pile on sales with a bang, using just a small push, the last week of August, when we close OMG 2018 for the season. Mike Long will personally be live on chat Sunday, all day for your list! 
(Here's the Sunday copy Jared used for his $60 EPC promotion.)
But wait! There's more!...

We are underground, but were have some big fans! Ryan Deiss, Bob Proctor, Tai Lopez, Luke Maguire and others share OMG testimonials! If it's enjoyable to get immersed in the success of OMG, then have a look!
Ryan Deiss speaks out on OMG:
What Ryan saw that so amazed him:
Bob Proctor speaks out on OMG:
Tai Lopez speaks out on OMG:
Luke Maguire speaks out on OMG:
Luke Gray speaks out on being an OMG'er:
Scott Shaff speaks out on being an OMG'er:
Joshua Fletcher on being an OMG'er:
Sydney on being an OMG'er:
Mark Kirk, 6-figures/mo powered by OMG:
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